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Custom Gingerbread Houses 

 made to represent your abode - humble or not so humble

All custom houses priced by design 

please click on image to enlarge

The replica houses require as much advance notice as possible for scheduling....

June , July or August, if not earlier, is a good time to think about a December house

Manor House

Gingerbread House Mansion front.jpg (31405 bytes)

 front of house omhse.jpg (27728 bytes) back left side


Sutton Place

Sutton Place Gingerbread House.jpg (28320 bytes)


This Old House 

 Carlisle Farmstead

Christmas 2004

This Old House Gingerbread.jpg (302562 bytes)       This Old House Gingerbread Carlisle Farmstead.jpg (284742 bytes)  


gingerbread house marshall field 2.jpg (52928 bytes)

Marshall Field Jr Mansion



gingerbread house marshal fields 7.jpg (45281 bytes)





Santa Monica Church

santa monica5 b.jpg (63220 bytes) santa monica 21.jpg (52338 bytes) santa monica 26.jpg (40359 bytes) santa monica lites.jpg (80039 bytes)

left side

right front

right back 


Boston College 

    Boston college 86.JPG (74728 bytes) Boston College Bapst r side.JPG (61331 bytes)  

Christmas New York City

Dean&Deluca Store Front 



                                                                                                                                   Natalie Ginger 2008 (44).JPG (36454 bytes)            Gingerbread House 2008

 a gingerbread gift for mom

                                                        front  sf moms frontB.jpg (21716 bytes)     close up sfcloseB.jpg (33012 bytes)

     back sf mom backB.jpg (20287 bytes)       close up sfmomclose2B.jpg (34794 bytes)


Joe's old shoppe
new york city

jshop.jpg (53777 bytes)

joshcl.jpg (26646 bytes)

jshpup.jpg (40560 bytes)


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