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Marzipan Figurines 2009

Animals  perennials 

half ounce figurines


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frogs Valentine.JPG (36209 bytes)

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One Ounce

When Pigs Fly

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DSCN0810.JPG (125820 bytes)   


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Frog Prince

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bunny bag.JPG (11775 bytes) bunny yello dress side.JPG (7735 bytes) bunny yello dress heart front.JPG (8440 bytes) Bunny 

Spring     Easter

DDC bunny girl front.JPG (14431 bytes)

DDC bunny boy front.JPG (15398 bytes)

Assorted Animals

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moose front smile.JPG (15628 bytes)

moose r side.JPG (16739 bytes)

elephant l side.JPG (11363 bytes)

marz otters.JPG (79002 bytes)

marzipan_pony.jpg (13723 bytes)

monkey2.jpg (30646 bytes)

 may be found at Dean&Deluca New York City Soho & Madison Avenue

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alligator·bear·beaver·bird·bunny·chicken·cow·duck·dog·elephant·fish·frog·frog prince·giraffe·hippo·kangaroo·lamb·lion·monkey·moose·orangutan·otter·panda· polar bear·penguin·pony·turtle

noah marzipan2 by 2.JPG (353996 bytes) noah marzipan aligator and gang.JPG (362339 bytes) Noah and friends          


Skull boy

skeleton boy 2.JPG (13906 bytes)

skull boy & friends

pumpkinhead  skullboy   nosferatu


Li'l debbil and catty

Witch, Wizard, Li'l Nosferatu


trick n treaters


witch wizard 3 crop.jpg (33708 bytes)


 frankenstein  ghost  dracula


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