Cocaine addiction – short term and long term effects on human

Addictions are considered bad for the human society. But the fact cannot be denied that since the dawn of civilization started human beings are taken some or the other types of addiction. Cocaine addiction is also one of them which are prevailing in our today’s world. Cocaine is a white powdery substance taken by the users or addictive person. It has direct impact on the user’s body and mind. Why they take it? This substance reacts with the central nervous system of the body by increasing the Euphoria and energy level.

It is taken by many ways. But mostly it is smoked through nose. By dissolving in water and injected in the body through injection. Cocaine is also known as coke, blow, and white powder.

Effects of cocaine on human

It is an illegal substance so it is considered an abuse. It has direct effect on nervous system and the affects of brain are with high level of dopamine. By dopamine flow in brain, the taker of it associates with pleasure and rewards. It has short term and long term effects. Using for longer time can result into severe effects on us. This can change genetics in brain cells, protein, nerve cells and some another permanent effects. These impacts are talkativeness, excitement, alertness, anxiety and overconfidence. A lot of people using TOR to get access to sites like to purchase drugs online

The impact on body may vary from the taking styles. Cocaine addiction alters the potency and duration of impacts. Snorting impact is short-lived say it 15 to 30 minutes. Smoking or the injecting impact can be more intense but does not last for long time of more than 5 to 10 minutes. Most of the users take it frequently so that they can maintain the desired effects of it. Higher risk of overdose is there if the person injects the drug dose.

Addiction of cocaine

It is mostly and highly addictive substance. But it is hard to recognize an addiction of it. The addiction has great psychological effects which is hard to overcome. Frequent use of cocaine causes dependency on it. Once the person become dependent on it, a tolerance may develop and withdrawal symptoms may occur when the person tries to stop its use. Once the person become addictive to it, it abnormally increase the dopamine level in brain and reprogramming of brain becomes a daunting task to do. However, expert therapists, rehabilitation centers and other technique are helpful.