Cocaine addiction- what are the symptoms and treatment methods

The use of cocaine is high at the time in the society of human beings. Why some of the persons become addictive to it, there are certain reasons. It enhances the level of dopamine in the brain which increases the energy level in the body and mind along with attention and alertness level. If you call it stimulant then it is not wrong. It is produced from the plant coca which largely grown in South America. But it is an illegal drug in U.S.A. and other parts of the world. Addiction of cocaine is also called by other names as coke, C, snow, Rock, Blow, and crack. Cocaine addiction is very dangerous not for the person or the users but for the society and the family of the users.

Ways to intake cocaine

There are different ways to take the drug in as some like to snort it via nose, some of them like to inject it with the help of injection, and some are taking it by dissolving in water and genital routes as well. Others may like to heat it up rock crystal and breathe smoke to their lungs.

How it functions

When taken the cocaine drug sends the high level of natural body chemical dopamine into the parts of the brain which controls the feeling of pleasure. This causes high and intense feeling of energy and alertness. There are short term effects such as intense happiness, paranoid feeling, decrease in appetite, anger, irritation, and extreme sensitivity to sound, touch and sight. More serious consequences are headache, lung damage, HIV, loss of smell, runny nose, trouble in swallowing, sexual trouble, heart diseases, heart attack, stroke and so on.

Treatment of cocaine addiction

There the solution of cocaine addiction can be cured with the help of therapies and counseling. The person can be stayed in rehabilitation centers. Some or the other types of sessions with the professional doctors and experts can help the person to change the behavior and thought process not to intake it. Medical detox centers are also in the list to treat the addiction of cocaine by adjusting the body to the treatment. But it may cost you lot of money and to cover the hospital expenses. Also no medicine is recommended for the treatment of cocaine addiction. Hopeful, the article is going to help you a lot in this matter.