How Cocaine addiction put serious long-term effects on mind and body

Cocaine addiction is still a big issue in most of the developed societies across the entire world. No doubt, the drug is not even famous but still, it spread its legs everywhere. The addition of this particular substance is a serious problem because of its harmful impact on the user in every aspect. Cocaine can do serious damage to the mental and physical health of the users. A slight overdose can be quite dangerous and it can even kill a person. Time to time many research programs are conducted to know about the right solution to deal with this problem. In the rehab center, many are still trying hard to overcome the addiction to this particular drug.

What studies show?

In research programs, one shocking thing is found about Cocaine addiction. They have found that its symptoms and intensity of the effects depends on person to person. However, mainly one can divide the impact of cocaine into two major categories. In the first category, the impact can be short-term and mild. On the other hand, there are some long-term impacts of taking cocaine. Nevertheless, no doubt, that in both cases there is no benefit of such addiction and this is going to put the negative impact on the human body. One should be very careful at the time of taking any substance. It is seen that people just started it for having fun or try. Nevertheless, later they got into the trap of addiction and this becomes very hard for them to overcome.

Short to long term effects

When a person uses it for the first time, he goes through the short-term impact of cocaine. This short-term effect includes pressured speech and high body temperature. There are many other short-term symptoms of using cocaine. For example, when a person just takes it for the one time he may feel mental alertness, increased heart rate, and sudden increase in the energy. Some people use it to reduce the extra body weight. This is so because it can suppress the appetite of a person and he or she may not feel hungry for a long time. By taking low calories, they can easily lose weight.

Addiction is a problem

Apart from the short-term sufferings of cocaine, one can have several problems and may start feeling the long-term impact on the health after cocaine addiction. The user can develop a tolerance for the substance and due to the sharp urge and addiction to cocaine; he may start taking the high dose.